The interdisciplinary founding team with experts from chemistry, biomedicine and imaging has developed a novel nanoparticle platform concept for the transport and release of chemotherapeutic drugs, with a focus on hard-to-treat diseases like pancreatic cancer. The nanoparticles are synthesised in water, exhibit high biocompatibility and unprecedented high drug loadings of up to 80 wt%.

04/2023 First Pitch at Life Science Start-Up Day 2023 in Göttingen
10/2022 Establishment of CaBiDi Drug Delivery UG
David Rudolph, CEO
Prof. Frauke Alves
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"The HTI programmes have had a significant impact on our start-up’s growth, with the coaching/mentoring and financial support that has been provided. Through the programme, we have achieved milestones and gained a clearer understanding of our strategy and needs. Beyond the financial aspects, what stands the HTI out is the intense support & dedicated guidance and resources provided."

David Rudolph