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Be a part of modern innovation with BioIntelligence

Are you a corporate powerhouse and want to remain up to date on the biotech & life sciences industry developments, investing- and partnering opportunities? You found the right spot!

At BioIntelligence, we understand the challenges faced in corporate innovation activities - they include

  • extensive time spent researching for new technologies, markets, and startups,
  • lack of good quality & publicly accessible information,
  • a shortage of specialists (especially in the field of biotechnology and life science), and
  • the complexity of the worldwide start-up landscape/ecosystem.

Developing and maintaining a network of Innovators is time-consuming and after all, the benefits of networking events are hard to assess.

Finally, there is expertise needed when addressing structures and processes on how to

  • set up deal flow,
  • transfer intellectual property as well as
  • dealing with uncertainties in decisions regarding carve-outs and establishing operative units with clear processes and responsibilities.

This jungle within the start-up/corporate ecosystem is why we offer a unique approach to help navigate the complex (international) innovation landscape and to help you develop your strategic focus to succeed at this new frontier of entrepreneurship.

Well, how do we do it?

Our Approach: BioIntelligence Innovation

BioIntelligence Innovation connects startups, investors, and companies to collaboratively learn, grow, and discover opportunities for adressing the innovation landscape together.

Leveraging our extensive network of known and trusted industry experts and scientific institutions allows us to deliver top notch support - fully focussing on your individual needs.

BioIntelligence Innovation

What's Included in the programme?

Innovation Assessment

During our assessment workshop based on ISO 56000 standards, you'll discover innovation vehicles like Corporate Venture Capital, the PDCA Innovation Cycle and many more leading up to an assessment of your innovation structures

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Masterclasses and Workshops

Alongside the start-up founders and partners in our ecosystem, you and your team join workshops and masterclasses on various topics like

  • Product dev. & validation
  • Regulatory, IP and legals
  • Sales and Marketing
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Start-up Scouting

During regular check-ins, our team and partners introduce you to hand-picked startups that are
tailored to your challenges.

  • Specialised and precise scouting in the BioIntelligence segment
  • Qualified introductions, not just a list of contacts
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The great strength of BioIntelligence is that it seamlessly connects young start-ups from the fields of MedTech and BioTech with a network of industry experts and esteeemed scientists. The HTI ensures access to essential resources, but also invaluable insights and thus propelling ideas towards impactful fruition.

Martin Böhm, Chief Experience Officer at Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

We'll show you in 30 minutes how to accelerate your innovation journey!

Our portfolio (Incubator start-ups)

Find out who's already in our ecosystem and ready to collaborate 👇

Founders in the BioIntelligence ecosystem have the access to our extensive network and leverage our expertise in tech scouting & matching, connecting industry giants with groundbreaking start-ups. Here, you will receive invaluable advisory support and gain access to scholarships or funding opportunities.

Pioneering the way, our first batch of 14 start-ups (2023) are pre-seed funded with up to 200.000 € within the framework of the "HTI" guidelines on the granting of subsidies for the promotion of high-tech incubators/accelerators by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics.


Curious on how BioIntelligence’s network operates and works together?


Empowered by visionary industry experts, scientific partners, and influential organisations.

Our Steering Committee and Board of Advisors are made up of known and trusted partners that guide our start-ups as experienced professionals, allowing them to fine-tune their strategy and business goals while simultaneously accelerating the whole ecosystem.

Backed by prominent corporations and scientific institutions, BioIntelligence ensures sustainable growth for evolving companies. Our network of partners grants essential access, while also providing crucial scientific support for handpicking and empowering the right startups within our operations.

Operational Team

Simply put, we dare what others don't.

Our operational Team of young professionals is dedicated to make things work for our founders and partners - combining a strong network with the ecosystem makes each problem solvable.

Our Ideas are brought to life in our Co-Working space in central Hanover where all our start-ups have access to workspace, meeting rooms and where we handle pitching events and workshops.

1 year of operational excellence

14 start-ups closely accompanied