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Board Review No 3 - 07.12.2023

Groundbreaking technology and entrepreneurship - discover the synergy during the 3rd board review.

After a few months of refining & perfecting the assessment and feedback from our esteemed board members, we celebrated the 3rd and final board review of the year. The day was all about showcasing our high-tech incubator & startups' breakthroughs and milestones after a year. We kicked-off the day with presentations to our steering committee & advisory board members, illustrating the strategies developed for 2024 by pivoting, iterating our approach, and expanding our services as the new year is inching closer.

6 Startups and 5 minutes for an impression

Following the board meetings, the spotlight shifted to the 6 carefully selected startups, where each painted a picture of the fruits of their hardwork for the past year. The diverse pitches comprised of startups in areas of digital transformation, agritech, biotech, medtech & life sciences. One of which is Allogenetics, a pioneering startup working on invisible organs, which managed to close another round of funding and is currently looking for a CEO. Aside from Allogenetics, two startups utilising nanoparticles for cancer & burn-wound treatments, CaBiDi and InCapSolution respectively, also revealed their innovation and outlined their timeline for the coming years.

Startup pitches from Kai Köllemann of Beyond Habits, Khushal Borse of Plantilizer, Prof. Dr. Rainer Blasczyk of Allogenetics & Drini Morina of OptiMod.

Two of our digital startups were also present and had the opportunity to pitch in front of our board members & guests: OptiMod, a startup adopting AI technology for a statistical software and Beyond Habits, promoting healthy routines whilst supporting good causes. Kai Köllemann, CEO of Beyond Habits, took this opportunity to announce that his app has successfully reached hundreds of downloads and is preparing to expand their reach towards helping companies take on good habits.

Proudly presenting their new prototype was Plantilizer. In August, they successfully produced their prototypes for conventional and organic farmers, as well garden enthusiasts and this time at the 3rd board review, Khushal Borse, Co-CEO of Plantilizer, proudly revealed another prototype for urban farmers, futher demonstrating the progressive and productive year it has been within the incubator.

As the day was all about showcasing milestones, SmartCast's Luis Pardo took the opportunity as well to introduce the first versions of its control board and sensor interface for its non-surgical approach towards fracture treatment.

Inspirational panel discussion

Just like the previous board review, industry experts were present as panelists for an interactive panel discussion: Katharina Borchert, a journalist and former Mozilla Corporation Chief Innovation Officer, Martin Böhm, Chief Experience Officer at Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, and Prof. Nils Foege, Professor of Innovation Management at Leibniz Universität Hannover. In addition to addressing topics on current tech trends, like artificial intelligence, our panelists imparted wisdom towards the attendees.

"You are your own enemy," said Martin when asked about the best advice he's gotten.

"The best advice I ever got was to worry less about others' opinions. Realizing that everyone is focused on presenting their best selves takes off the pressure. It's a reminder that we're all navigating our own concerns, freeing us to be more authentic."
Katharina Borchert
Panelists Prof. Nils Foege (not pictured), Katharina Borchert, and Martin Böhm taking part in the interactive panel discussion

Dinner & networking session

The evening was wrapped up with dinner and a networking session over mulled wine, reinforcing the sense and strength of community within the incubator's ecosystem. Overall, we are grateful for our board members' presence and support throughout the year towards HTI BioIntelligence and its cohort of startups, as well as the chance to witness and be a part of a revolutionary journey towards sustainable growth.