Data science applications are the main drivers of the fourth industrial revolution. According to KPMG (2017), more than 70% of all German companies (with more than 50 employees) use data analysis tools to interpret correlations in available data based on statistical models. Our team develops OptiMod, a user-friendly statistical software that guarantees high-quality results through its AI-powered optimization algorithm.

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The HTI program is a great support in many ways, but for us as tech enthusiasts it is especially helpful when dealing with business and non-tech challenges. The HTI enables us to exchange with experienced entrepreneurs and business specialists, from whom we benefit sustainably. Apart from supporting us financially, the individuals behind the program guide us fecundly throughout our journey and the mentor program is helpful to set milestones and efficiently manage our capacities. All in all, we are very thankful to be part of the great HTI program.

Drini Morina, CTO of Optimod