Welcome to BioIntelligence

A new type of early stage high-tech incubator to seamlessly bridge the gap between knowledge, start-ups & industry within biotech, medtech & life science.

Are you interested in launching and scaling your business in biotech or medtech? Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur, a corporate powerhouse, or an investor hungry for industry insights and connections, look no further!

Established in the heart of Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, our co-working space breathes life into your ideas, providing the perfect environment for collaboration and innovation to flourish.

With our unwavering support and guidance, every founding team accompanied by us emerges as a pitch-ready and investable organisation.

Additionally, our corporate partners remain at the forefront of industry advancements, investment opportunities, and potential partnerships, ensuring they remain at the pinnacle of innovation.

High-Tech-Incubator (HTI) BioIntelligence is funded within the "Directive on the Grants for the Promotion of High-Tech Incubators/Accelerators" by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitalisation and is backed by known and trusted partners to position itself as an interdisciplinary innovation hub.


Our portfolio

Redefining the future of biotech, life science, and medtech start-ups.

Founders in the BioIntelligence ecosystem have the access to our extensive network and leverage our expertise in tech scouting & matching, connecting industry giants with groundbreaking start-ups. Here, you will receive invaluable advisory support and gain access to scholarships or funding opportunities.

Pioneering the way, our first batch of 14 start-ups (2023) are pre-seed funded with up to 200.000 € within the framework of the "HTI" guidelines on the granting of subsidies for the promotion of high-tech incubators/accelerators by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics.


Curious on how BioIntelligence’s network operates and works together?


Empowered by visionary industry experts, scientific partners, and influential organisations.

Our Steering Committee and Board of Advisors are made up of known and trusted partners that guide our start-ups as experienced professionals, allowing them to fine-tune their strategy and business goals while simultaneously accelerating the whole ecosystem.

Backed by prominent corporations and scientific institutions, BioIntelligence ensures sustainable growth for evolving companies. Our network of partners grants essential access, while also providing crucial scientific support for handpicking and empowering the right startups within our operations.

What can we do for you?

Tailored solutions to your unique needs - get to know the expertise of BioIntelligence in consulting, profiling & start-up acceleration.

Pursuing our core mission to seamlessly bridge the gap between start-ups, academia and industry we excel in the adept management of R&D&I projects.

Leveraging our extensive Network of known and trusted industry experts allows us to deliver top notch support in various financial, economic and legal regards in the field of biotechnology and life science and beyond.

Leveraging our network as a proud 100% subsidiary of BioDigit e.V.

At BioIntelligence, we don't merely strive for promises; our approach is grounded in tangible actions and meaningful outcomes.

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Operational Team

Simply put, we dare what others don't.

Driven by our dedicated team of young professionals, BioIntelligence is committed to turning challenges into triumphs for our founders and partners, tackling every obstacle with confidence and creativity.

Our Ideas are brought to life in our Co-Working space in central Hanover where all our start-ups have access to workspace, meeting rooms and where we handle pitching events and workshops.

1 year of operational excellence

14 start-ups closely accompanied