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5th Life Science Startup Day in Göttingen

Startup pitches from iGuard, RNhale, Phagestack , Prosperodes, and one of our startups, Allogenetics GmbH (Photo by: Marco Bühl)

The 5th Life Science Startup Day held in Göttingen was a vibrant display of innovation and collaboration, featuring pitches from 10 promising startups: iGuard, RNhale, Phagestack, Allogenetics, Prosperodes, Fluorizon, DeepLS, Klavant, Bacta Implants and Histomography. These startups presented groundbreaking solutions across various sectors, highlighting the diverse talent and potentials in Germany.

Startup pitches from Fluorizon, DeepLS, Klavant GmbH, Bacta Implants and Histomography (Photo by: Marco Bühl)

The event also featured an insightful discussion with Mr. Lies, shedding light on the unique opportunities and challenges faced by startups in Niedersachsen. One key takeaway was the emphasis on thematic focus beyond Hannover, in other areas apart from life sciences, acknowledging Lower Saxony's vast areas of expertise and the importance of the state government's support. With 86% of startups in Lower Saxony boasting academic backgrounds, the region's robust support system and conducive environment for innovation were underscored, birthing solutions that were previously unthinkable.

5 Questions with Lower Saxony's Minister for Economic Affairs, Housing, Transport and Digitalization (Photo by: Marco Bühl)

Moreover, Mr. Lies emphasized the crucial role of collaboration and effective implementation beyond governmental structures. The focus on disruptive technologies and the importance of universities in translating research into actionable solutions were highlighted as key drivers of success.

Following this engaging exchange, participants had the opportunity to engage in energising speed-dating sessions, connecting with potential partners.

Speed-dating & networking session (Photo by: Marco Bühl)
Keynote speech by Daniel Engelbrecht (Photo by: Marco Bühl)

In the afternoon, the audience were inspired by Daniel Engelbrecht's keynote speech based on his experiences as a football player. He emphasised that as humans, we tend to have commitment & motivation, but forget to practise mindfullness - listening to our mind and body to what it needs and alas putting our health at risk. The holistic approach can be implemented in entrepreneurship, emphasizing not only technical prowess but also personal commitment and mindfulness in navigating the startup landscape.

But it wasn't just about pitches & speeches; we also carved out time for insightful discussions in breakout sessions, where startup journeys, industry trends, and funding strategies were explored in depth.

Discussion in breakout sessions (Photo by: Marco Bühl)

Overall, the 5th Life Science Startup Day in Göttingen served as a testament to Niedersachsen's burgeoning startup ecosystem, showcasing the region's potential for groundbreaking innovation and collaboration. With a focus on fostering a supportive environment and embracing disruptive technologies, Lower Saxony is poised to continue its trajectory as a hub of entrepreneurial excellence.