Feb 23.2024
Gö-Bound! 5th Life Science Startup Day at Life Science Factory
Feb 22.2024
HTI BioIntelligence & its startups in transkript magazine
Dec 15. 2023
High-tech incubator BioIntelligence wrapped its first operational year with a successful board review day.
Nov 16. 2023
Transfer X Summit 2023 brings Lower Saxony's startup scene potential to the forefront.
Aug 10. 2023
Elevate Your Entrepreneurship-Mindset: Join BioIntelligence's Innovative Workshops for Growth and Collaboration
Sep 01. 2023
HTI BioIntelligence wrapped the summer with yet another successful board review.
Aug 10. 2023
3rd Release Day at the HTI
Aug 04.2023
Prof. Dr. J. Nils Foege is an expert at the forefront of innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship, helping businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age.
Jul 02. 2023
EY German Biotech-Report gives insights to the industry - In little ways have our lives changed through the convergence of biology and technology - from our endeavours, to the way we live and heal, especially after COVID-19.
May 05. 2023
4th Life Science Start-Up Day - Life Sciences is an important industry in the market. From decoding the human genome to developing cutting-edge therapies, from precision medicine to digital health solutions, life science has become the driving force behind transformative changes in the healthcare landscape
Apr 29. 2023
On the 27th of April, we had our successful board review & pitch day! It was an exciting opportunity to showcase all the hard work we've been doing and receive valuable feedback from our board members.
Apr 26. 2023
In an exciting meeting of minds, HTI BioIntelligence welcomes Ottobock, a global leader in prosthetics and orthotics, to ignite a dynamic knowledge-exchange sesseion that propelled a mutual growth and innovation
Sep 20. 2022
From the high-tech incubator (HTI) to the market - around 5 million euros in funding for innovations in biotechnology and life sciences in Hanover