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Collaborative learning between Ottobock & HTI BioIntelligence

In an exciting meeting of minds, HTI BioIntelligence welcomes Ottobock, a global leader in prosthetics and orthotics, to ignite a dynamic knowledge-exchange sesseion that propelled a mutual growth and innovation. The collaborative gathering served as a platform for sharing expertise, exploring potential synergies, and fostering innovation within the rapidly evolving start-up landscape.

During the exchange, our managing director, Jan Fischer, introduced a wide range of innovative tools and technologies to empower our internal team & startups. From laboratory & co-working spaces to sophisticated productivity & networking softwares, the incubator provides entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to drive their research and development endeavours.

Aside from the tools that we use, we presented how the success of HTI BioIntelligence can be attributed to its well-structured team, comprising experienced young professionals across various disciplines. The incubator boasts a diverse board committee, encompassing scientists, engineers, business strategists, and legal experts, all working synergistically to guide startups through their journey of revolution. The team's collective expertise and multidimensional perspectives contribute to comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, ensuring their ideas flourish into viable, market-ready solutions.

Afterwards, two of our startups, Lene Health & NeuroXR, had the opportunity to showcase their pioneering ideas and technological advancements. Each startup delivered compelling pitches, highlighting their unique value propositions, potential market impact, and scalability.

Alongside other members of the ottobock leadership team, Martin Böhm and Philipp Hoefer gave our start-ups and operational team a visit at our headquarters in Hanover

As this was an opportunity for expertise sharing, this session also provided an ideal platform to reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of HTI BioIntelligence as a high-tech incubator. Honest discussions and constructive feedback fuelled introspection, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Identifying areas of enhancement and implementing effective strategies to overcome challenges ensures that the incubator remains at the forefront of biotech, medtech, pharma, agritech & digital innovation, constantly adapting to the ever-evolving industry landscape.

The HTI BioIntelligence and Ottobock knowledge-exchange meeting served as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared expertise in driving transformative innovations. By combining the incubator's advanced tools, strong team structure, and startup pitches with insightful discussions on strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas, the meeting strengthened the foundation for future growth. We would like to thank everyone from Ottobock that came and made this happen. It was a wonderful experience!

About BioIntelligence
BioIntelligence GmbH is a Hanover (Germany) - based incubator and innovation hub founded in 2022. As a subsidiary of BioDigit e.V., the company is dedicated to seamlessly bridging the gap between knowledge, startups and industry in biotechnology, life sciences and medical technology. In its first operational year, 4 of its startups have closed their first financing rounds. This is made possible through BioIntelligence Incubator, also referred to as High-Tech Incubator (HTI) BioIntelligence, one of the high-tech incubators funded by Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Economics. With access to a strong network of experts & distinguished scientific institutions and companies, a laboratory & co-working space, as well as 200.000 € in equity-free grants (all within the framework of the “HTI” guidelines from the ministry), startups in the BioIntelligence ecosystem receive tailored guidance to their specific needs.

In parallel, BioIntelligence Innovation addresses the entrepreneurial challenges of corporate innovation. Through BioIntelligence Innovation, startups, investors, and companies are connected and the supported partners gain accessibility to masterclasses, workshops and startup scouting, as well as individualised analyses of internal innovation dynamics.

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