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More than an event; it's a movement.
Highlights on Transfer X Summit 2023

From inspiring speeches and captivating discussions to networking opportunities through a speed-dating session, the 2nd Transfer X Summit was all about collaboration, bringing the brightest minds of academia, industry and politics together. Here, the stage is set to elevate Lower Saxony's startup scene to the next level. Home to 20 universities, this day is all about the vast prospects of a joint effort between tertiary institutions & businesses to encourage a seamless transition of knowledge to the market.

The t3n story: A startup journey from Hochschule Hannover

L to R: Bettina Stühmeier (moderator, t3n), Ansgar Heise (CEO of Heise Media Group) & Andreas Lenz (Co-Founder of t3n) (Photo by: startup.niedersachsen)

Tracing its roots to a diploma thesis is the exemplary t3n magazine. Whilst highlighting the importance of collaboration amongst students in universities, Andreas Lenz, founder of the t3n magazine, gave a glimpse of the company's successful establishment in the media landscape before being acquired by the Heise Media Group during a discussion alongside Ansgar Heise, managing partner of Heise Media Group.

Lenz then reflected on the important ethos of adaptability, willingness to learn from failures & openness towards innovation as the basis for growth within the startup ecosystem.

Startups & innovation as the driving force of the economy

The significance of innovation, resilience, and a collaborative environment to foster a conducive environment for startups was illuminated by Minister Olaf Lies through his opening remarks at the Transfer X Summit. He addressed the importance of focusing on current problems without imposing thought and solution restrictions.

"I believe that this is the basis of turning Lower Saxony into a centre of innovation, of how we can move ideas from the laboratory to market viability.“
Minister Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Building and Digitalisation
The BioIntelligence team discussing with Minister Olaf Lies regarding the challenges faced as an incubator & startup (Photo by: startup.niedersachsen)

Not only the joint engagement of sciences & entrepreneurship, Lies also sees the importance of ministries joining hands to help startups navigate through the currents of a young enterprise as they are the driving force for the future. With an increasing number of startups founded and a majority with academic backgrounds, Minister Olaf Lies sees the potential of Lower Saxony as a vibrant & progressive entrepreneurial environment, catching up to big cities such as Berlin & München.

5 Minutes to leave a mark - startup pitch competition

Julian Meckfessel of Allogenetics pitching (Photo by: startup.niedersachsen)

Witnessing the future in action, startups from 8 of Lower Saxony's incubators took the stage to pitch their ideas and compel the jury panel & audience in 5 minutes. One of ours, Allogenetics, took the stage with its pioneering concept of invisible organs. The jury and audience then had the chance to vote based on the startup's innovation, team, market potential & feasibility, with Seedalive, a startup from Osnabrück, gaining the most votes.

Jens Varnskuehler & Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Mummenhoff from Seedalive GmbH (Photo by: startup.niedersachsen)

Keynote speech & podium discussion

The day continued with a keynote speech from business futurist Sven Göth while a thought-provoking podium discussion with prominent figures from academia & business wrapped up the afternoon. Prof. Dr Susanne Menzel-Riedl, President of Osnabrück University and Chair of the State University Conference, Prof. Dr Reza Asghari, Professor of Entrepreneurship at TU Braunschweig and Ostfalia University and Head of the Entrepreneurship Hub, Prof. Dr Stefanie Heiden from Leibniz Universität Hannover and Director of the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship, Andrea Japsen from Leuphana Universität Lüneburg and spokesperson for the Lower Saxony Transfer Centres, and Kristina Nikolaus, CEO of OKAPI: Orbits and state spokesperson for the Lower Saxony Startup Association, shared their perspectives on the roles of universities to create a smooth integration between knowledge & entrepreneurship. Additionally, the importance of growth capital & financing, especially in the life science industry was also pointed out.

L to R: Prof. Dr Susanne Menzel-Riedl, Prof. Dr. Tobias Ortmaier, Prof. Dr Reza Asghari (Photo by: startup.niedersachsen)

The day proved to set a new benchmark for Lower Saxony and left an enthused feeling as we're heading towards a future of new possibilities. All in all, we're thankful to everyone for this opportunity to be a part of a movement. Together, we can drive progress towards a prosperous future.