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First Board Review/Pitch Day of 2024

A huge positive energy was palpable in our offices on the 13th of May 2024, creating an uplifting atmosphere, as we kicked-off with the first Board Review/Pitch Day of the year. Our headquarters was filled with enthusiasm and determination as our startups and other talented minds from Lower Saxony presented their projects. From students and researchers to entrepreneurs and investors at various stages of their careers, the day was like no other as we opened our doors to all, showcasing the diverse community of BioIntelligence.

Welcoming speech by the Chairwoman of BioIntelligence's Steering Committee, Prof. Stefanie Heiden.
Frank Goebel (VC Scout) during a feedback session

This pitch day featured diverse start-ups spanning industries such as life sciences, medical technology, and sustainable development. Featuring five BioIntelligence startups alongside two external participants, each team delivered a five-minute pitch, followed by a short discussion where they received invaluable feedback from our distinguished board members, investors, and representatives from NBank and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics. Here is a short recap of their pitches:

  • Allogenetics kicked off the event, paving the way for the future of organ transplantation with their invisible organs, allowing patients to live without the burden of lifelong immunosuppression.
  • Following them, Plantilizer introduced their biochar, made from unused biomass and nutrient-retaining microorganisms, offering an innovative solution for sustainable agriculture.
  • SmartCast showcased their smart orthoses with integrated sensors designed to facilitate a smoother and more efficient healing process.
  • Using virtual reality technology, NeuroXR enables patients to conduct upper limb rehabilitation and treat neuropathic pain from home in an engaging way.
  • CaBiDi impressed with their nanoparticle platform, developed to tackle challenging medical issues like pancreatic cancer.
  • YcoLabs presented an eco-friendly alternative to conventional insulation materials using innovative fungus technology.
  • Concluding the pitches, MPSLabs presented their Digital Liver-on-Chip Software (DiGiLoCs), aiming to revolutionize drug development with accuracy and efficiency, setting a new gold standard for pharmaceutical innovations.
(Top left to right) Dr. med. Jennifer Ernst (NeuroXR) & Dr. Christian Maass (MPSLabs)
(Bottom left to right) Dr. Luis Pardo (SmartCast) & Khushal Borse (Plantilizer)
(Left to right) Prof. Dr. Rainer Blasczyk (Allogenetics), Miriam Ritter (YcoLabs), Dr. David Rudolph (CaBiDi)

After the pitches, a special highlight of the day was the inspiring keynote speech delivered by Marc Wallert, where he shared his harrowing experience of being kidnapped and held hostage in the Philippine jungle. Through a virtual and interactive format, Marc emphasized the importance of mental strength and adaptability in the face of adversity.

His story of resilience was profoundly moving and highly relevant to the challenges faced by startups. Marc's insights offered invaluable lessons on perseverance, providing the audience with practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Marc Wallert during his virtual keynote speech.

To wrap the evening, we invited everyone in our yard with a cozy dinner and a get-together, accompanied by a warm spring breeze. It was the perfect opportunity to unwind, as well as nurture connections.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our board members, the ministry, and NBank for their unwavering support. Their contributions have been essential in building a strong community of brilliant minds and passionate entrepreneurs, all striving to make the world a better place. And of course, we would like to thank all start-ups & participants of our pitch day, that made the day absolutely inspiring & incredible!

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