Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be employed to deliver rehabilitation therapy independent of the available healthcare structures. NeuroXR's product, CyberFul, implements software solutions in VR so that individuals suffering from upper-limb neuropathic pain can have access to effective and affordable hand therapy. By doing so, it empowers its users to help themselves.

05/2023 Accomplished clinical evaluation of CyberFul
06/2022 Founded the NeuroXR
Dr. Jennifer Ernst
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Being able to utilise the vast HTI training & support resources, we extended our network and refined our product and business goals. The financial support we receive is used to implement the second, improved product iteration based on the feedback we received during the clinical trials. The HTI mentoring support is likewise invaluable to us, for it immensely helped us shape our overall business strategy for attracting the new round of future investments.

Marko Markovic

Dr. Marko Markovic, CEO of Cyberfull
Dr. Luis A. Pardo, CTO of CyberFull
Ilja Michaelis, CRO of CyberFull