The start-up Allogenetics offers a completely new solution to the problem of organ rejection after transplantation. Their approach is a unique first-in-class therapeutic as it treats the transplant instead of paralysing the patient's immune system. This innovation offers a new dimension in organ transplantation: Invisible organs instead of lifelong immunosuppression.

12/2022 Winner of DurchSTARTer-Preis in Life Science Category
06/2022 Accepted for HTI BioIntelligence Programme
06/2022 Company founded
Prof. Dr. Rainer Blasczyk, MD
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"The HTI programmes have been great in supporting us to build a comprehensive network. We were able to successfully exchange ideas with many exciting startups. But at least as important was networking with investors and the great progress we made in our financings rounds. The HTI Team has always convinced us with their innovative and professional advice and their great commitment. Without the HTI BioIntelligence, such professional management of the funding would have not been possible. Our mindset has been sharpened in a streamlined way by attending the HTI events. It made us start our entrepreneurial journey as Allogenetics team & we felt tremendously supported to achieve our milestones. We look forward to our continued collaboration!"

Rainer Blasczyk & Julian Meckfessel of Allogenetics

Julian Meckfessel
Philipp Langrehr