Soil is an increasingly scarce resource that is essential to feed the 9 billion people on our planet. Plantilizer uses previously unused biomass, such as sewage sludge, to produce biochar in a defined pyrolysis process. Surface and pores of the biochar are colonized by specific microorganisms. These microorganisms make nutrient reservoirs in the soil and in the biochar plant-accessible, reducing the need for mineral fertilizer. The biofertilizer positively influences plant growth and health and thus yield.

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HTI Biointelligence provides a very positive environment for the professional development and growth of Plantilizer. We appreciate their various roles as “nurture and care” and “demand and encourage” and “challenge and support”.

Jutta Papenbrock and Khushal Borse of Plantilizer

Prof. Dr. Jutta Papenbrock, Co-CEO
Khushal Borse, CTO