The goal of InCapSolution is to offer nanoscale products for cell
and tissue culture applications. The InCapSolution basic technology is based on special transport nanoparticles, which can be loaded with different substances such as RNA, DNA, magnetic nanoparticles, active substances and dyes individually or in combination. The final product can be designed as desired according to the customer's needs for the respective application.

06/2022 Accepted for HTI BioIntelligence programme
Dr.-Ing. Viktor Mauer, Managing Director of InCapSolution
Natalie Meyer, CTO of InCapSolution
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"Joining BioIntelligence has been a transformative experience for me and my team. The program offers a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters innovation. Experienced professionals and mentors provide invaluable guidance, helping us overcome start-up challenges. Workshops and seminars cover essential aspects of development, including market analysis, product development, and sales strategies. Through networking events and mentorship sessions, we connect with influential individuals, leading to valuable insights and potential partnerships. One of the standout features is the access to a diverse network of industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs. I highly recommend HTI BioIntelligence to aspiring entrepreneurs. This program offers a dynamic ecosystem, valuable mentorship, and support. My experience has been transformative, providing me with invaluable opportunities and connections that have contributed to my start-up’s growth."

Viktor Maurer, Managing Director of InCapSolution

Mathis Vetter