GOENOMICS launched mendle®, a Google-like search tool for biological sequence information, in September 2023. The basis of mendle® is a comprehensive database with the genome annotations of all plants, animals and fungi sequenced to date and in the future. The genome annotations are generated by GOENOMICS' own software. The annotations include protein-coding genes, RNA genes (tRNA, ribosomal RNA, spliceosomal RNA, RNase-P, RNase MRP, telomerase RNA, snoRNA U3) and transposon regions. Currently, mendle® is freely accessible and is in alpha status, i.e. data and figures are constantly being added.

2019 1.03 Mio € acquired by Dr. Martin Kollmar through EXIST-Research Transfer Phase I)
2021 Genome annotation prototype
2021 Founding of GOENOMICS GmbH
2021 1st Place Göttingen County Innovation Award Category: Startup
2021 2nd Place DurchSTARTer Award of the State of Lower Saxony Category: Life Science
2022 Selected for the Top 50 Startups 2021
2022 180 T€ acquired (EXIST-FT Phase II)
2022 Nominated for the Lower Saxony Innovation Award
2022 Funding through the incubators HTI BioIntelligence and HTI GreenTech
2023 Launch of mendle®
Christine Kruppa, CFO of Goenomics
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"Thanks to the financial support, we could hire necessary staff and recruit international talent. The flexible budget allocation was a great help. The sales workshop provided valuable insights for our sales strategy, helping us attract potential customers and the HTI’s support in our beta test through its network has been invaluable. HTI BioIntelligence offers a comprehensive program for startups, including tailored webinars and events. Many thanks to the HTI team!"

Christine Kruppa, CFO of Goenomics

Dr. Dominic Simm, CTO of Goenomics
Dr. Martin Kollmar, CEO of Goenomics