PHAEOSYNT is the only company worldwide producing antibodies in diatoms for research, laboratory diagnostics (e.g. food analysis) and "point of care testing" (e.g. pregnancy tests), thus enabling a plant-based alternative to conventional antibodies from animals or animal cell cultures.

Dr. Alina Eilers, COO of Phaeosynt
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"The HTI programme supported our growth through financial resources and mentors. While being part of the programme, we have finished the production of the pregnancy antibodies and are currently developing the prototype. In addition, we have also won the Startup Impuls competition. What sets the HTI aside is the clear focus on biotech. We've had the pleasure of working with a team of lovely individuals who genuinely care about helping startups like ours."

Stephanie Pfeil-Coenen, CEO of Phaeosynt

Stephanie Pfeil-Coenen, CEO of Phaeosynt
Eva Plönnigs, Head of Production